Hotshot Ground Services

How to Choose the Best Company for Expedited Ground Service

There are many companies that offer expedited shipping, but what if you need expedited GROUND service? After all, some products cannot be shipped via an air carrier, but you still need to get the product there on time. Here are three things you should do to help you choose the best expedited ground service for your delivery.

Reviews - What have other customers thought about a company’s service? Checking out other customer’s reviews of a company can help you decide if they are the right firm for you. You can find reviews online at websites like Google, Bing or even on Facebook. Make sure you read the best reviews as well as the worst to get the best picture of a firm.

Experience - You don’t want to be a company’s “experiment” with expedited ground service. Find out if the company is comfortable with these types of deliveries. Just because they are a good delivery firm does not mean they are ready to handle your special delivery project. Don’t be afraid to ask for details about other jobs that a company has completed--a good firm is willing to provide this information to you.

Abilities - Not every company that offers expedited ground service will offer it in your location or with your particular product. Find out if a company you are considering has the ability to work in your area and what type of products they are comfortable shipping. You want a firm that has the abilities you need and deserve.

If you would like more information about expedited delivery service, reach out to Can Dor Expedite. We have hotshot delivery service that not only gets things there quickly, but ensures your product is carefully packaged, unpacked and cared for every step of the way. Connect with us today and ask for more information from our hotshot delivery service team.