Candor Expedite

Our Commitment


Values should be declared and committed to by all of the individuals in the organization. Because of this, the Candor Company Values were designed by the employees ensuring they are all on the same page.

Our Company

For any company to be successful there must be ethics and values that are created to live by. We value our duties and commitments to our partners. Therefore, we have created three commitments on our communication, service expectations, and our transparency. This is to ensure we are delivering you results. To the Candor Expedite staff, there is nothing more rewarding than helping a client of ours, keep a commitment to a client of theirs.

Communication Commitment

Centralized communication is our goal for our clients. Candor offers total transparency and ensures everyone is on the same page at all times. Let Candor Expedite create this layer of communication for you, starting from your account management team all the way to your consignee point of contact. We have the ability to tailor our communication – your needs, along with your clients, can be met for every critical situation. We respect the request of your client and can ensure transparent communication all the way through delivery.


Candor creates group communication channels so you are directed to a team of professionals that are aware of your needs on every shipment. Our client services team then takes over and ensures constant updates and communication throughout the delivery.


There are so many variables and people intertwined in a shipment that there can be times where solutions are needed on a solution. Let’s face it, things do not always go as planned, this is transportation. Having a solid, customer-driven team behind you, every step of the way is the Candor service commitment. We are dedicated to your on-time delivery and always creating a solution when the time is right. We stand up for this commitment and ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed on every shipment we handle for you.

We meet a 99% on-time delivery threshold by creating expectations with our partner carriers upon booking, throughout transit. We also execute solution processes for true team verification and ensure all parties are aware of the requirements on every order we touch. Have extra equipment required for freight securement? No problem, the Candor staff request and supply photos on all driver equipment on board so we can show up to our pickup ready for secure, safe and timely loading of your freight.

Transparency Commitment

Letting our clients know where their freight is at all times is a must, as we commit to our client’s complete transparency on all the shipments we handle. Utilizing tools such as Macropoint (Descartes product) the Candor team is able to show breadcrumb trails on all shipments. We give the capabilities of ping now feature on every unit through a custom-designed customer portal on our application. We also believe in a little old school communication as we send status updates manually throughout a transit of an order. This lets our clients know that we do not solely rely on technology to do our work for us, but we have a group of trained individuals watching every shipment throughout to ensure the best outcome for all parties involved.