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How Candor Expedite Helps Shippers Reach Success

We have been asked what we are doing differently for our clients to have such success.

As the owner of Candor Expedite the main focus that I have as being the leader of this organization is for all of our clients to feel that they are getting the BEST experience possible with every shipment that we handle. We have a great team at Candor Expedite that all performs in just one sector of the shipment, allowing each person to be a subject matter expert on their piece of the puzzle that makes up success on a load.


When we onboard new clients, we gain as much knowledge on them as we can before we ever touch their first shipment. We know the first impression is very important but continually carrying out the promise of superior service throughout the entirety of the relationship is our commitment.

Our client service team builds a customer profile that maps out what success is for our client. We then create a working procedure that is taught to all personnel that is touching that client. We are constantly tweaking our client profiles as their business changes and evolves. This enables the Candor team to learn what is most important to our clients and to handle situations in their best interest by being familiar with their procedures, requirements and as our team grows, we have all of the tools to keep our new teammates performing to the same level as our senior employees.

"Here is what makes us different: WE CARE. From dispatch through delivery we align our clients with solutions, communication, & transparency on every shipment so they can move on to the next thing and let us do the heavy lifting on a time-sensitive shipment." - Nicole Glenn


At Candor Expedite, we have a solid carrier procurement process. We are firm with our requirements and at times considered to be rigid with our load booking process. This is not to create any issues for our partner carriers, this is to create a successful and seamless experience for all from dispatch through delivery. We get an understanding of what our client needs from equipment, expected times, & who needs to have visibility from start to finish. Once we have all of these answers our client can sit back and watch the show. We take deep pride in offering superior service with our communication and transparency on every load with a 99% on-time threshold.


Candor Expedite has been acknowledged by our track platform partner (Trucker Tools) for holding a maintaining a 90%+ threshold of all Candor Expedite loads on tracking for the past 6 months in a row.

This matters to us as we are holding true to our commitment to all of our customers for complete transparency on every shipment we handle. We put the answers in our client's hands to equip them with solid resources as well as having immediate answers on the whereabouts of their shipments by utilizing a mesh of tech and human interaction.

All of these touchpoints and then some are the key factors of success for the Candor Expedite team and our valued clients. If you would like to learn more about how we can be of service to you with your expedite and short lead shipments please contact us. or give us a call to schedule a consultation 630.480.6798. We are ready to help you keep your commitments to your clients!

Author: Nicole Glenn

CEO & Owner of Candor Expedite, Inc.

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Candor Expedite is a woman-owned and operated expedite service provider specializing in hotshot ground shipments as well as white glove services nationwide.

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