What We Do Differently:

Hotshot Ground

Our current customers have come to love the work we do because our team takes pride in executing precise detail on all of our shipments. We have created dedicated accounts and client service representatives for all of our customers. This ensures:

  • Understanding of your shipping & delivery locations request & requirements

  • Tailored communication to selected tracking teams or contacts

  • Quick turnaround on pricing & capacity of the equipment

  • Clear internal Candor employee responsibility of all customer expectations

  • Going above & beyond on special service request with photos of equipment and needed equipment such as etrack, straps, load locks, blanket wrapping, etc

  • Immediate POD/documents upon delivery

Candor specializes in sprinter & cargo van, & straight truck services nationwide.


"Candor Team:

WOW, I’m speechless. Your team provided excellent service today. Thanks for a job well done!" 

Operations Supervisor-  Candor Client, DFW

January 16, 2020

"Candor has handled a couple of last-minute, middle of the night Sprinter loads for us recently and we are so grateful for the quick response and excellent communication from dispatch through HCPOD. This was very helpful for us and our customer.  Your team even reached out to us to see how they could help with our carrier’s refusal. Nicole, your team has been voted the Carrier-of-the-Month for August. Nicole, your team demonstrates they too are committed to our success as a team."

Operations Manager-  Candor Client, DFW

September 11, 2019

Candor Expedite "Love Wall" housed

the two comments above plus 124 more.


 White-Glove Services

Candor Commitment to Service

There are so many variables and people intertwined in a shipment that there can be times where solutions are needed on a solution. Let's face it, things do not always go as planned, this is transportation. Having a solid, customer-driven team behind you, every step of the way is the Candor service commitment. We are dedicated to your on-time delivery and always creating a solution when the time is right. We stand up for this commitment and ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed on every shipment we handle for you.