Candor Expedite team members have 40+ years of experience in handling special services. We consider special services for any shipment that needs special attention or a little extra detail. Do you have a client waiting with a crew for a special installation of your product? We can help.

In today's world, we have many items on our checklist that need to be handled. Let us communicate with your internal team and customer so you can move on to other things that need your attention.


Preferred clients have access to our online portal, through our TMS provider Aljex. This allows our clients to place a shipment in our system, track their order and obtain all shipment documents. Our clients can build the order within our portal so they are able to add every detail is mapped out in advance. After the shipment is in transit, you then have the capability to see the transit of your load from start to finish.

Special Services

Extra Touch

There are times when you need the extra touch at a shipper or a consignee. Let Candor Expedite assist you! Do you have a client that does not have a receiving dock? Our drivers can assist with hand unloading. 


Have a shipment fall over in transit? Have damaged products that need to be removed from a shipment, restacked, and delivered to a client? We can assist you at our many locations across the country.

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White-Glove Service

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There are many shipments that require sensitive handling, there are also many service providers that do not realize what goes into the finer details to make all of the pieces fit the puzzle. Candor's white-glove delivery service ensures customer shipments are handled properly. Candor is focused on meeting all requirements and exceeding expectations in communication. 


All clients receive a dedicated account manager to ensure that all process requirements are handled as requested. 


  • Two-man, inside delivery, un-crate, debris removal

  • Room of choice deliveries

  • Photographs of the freight upon loading & delivery

  • Photographs of all needed equipment prior to dispatch

  • Masonite floor protection

  • Upper-level deliveries

  • Hand unloading

  • After hours capacity to accommodate service crews during off-peak times

Candor Expedite has capabilities to offer Cross-Docking to our clients and carriers across the country.  With our strong agent relationships, we can complete any request that you may have at any time of the day.


Consolidation Arrangements, we can assist with merging several smaller product loads into one truck or one big load in the dock facility. This way, incoming freight is combined with goods stored at the terminal to form full truckload shipments for your clients.


Deconsolidation Arrangements, This process is the opposite of consolidation arrangements. We can assist with taking your larger consolidated shipments and utilizing a centralized point for DSD (direct store deliveries) with the methods of common LTL delivery or hotshot ground deliveries for shipments that require more time specific deliveries.​

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Cross Dock

Special Projects

Have a full rollout coming up? We rock in this service area. We can assist by placing specialized equipment, two-man teams in areas where our clients need. Candor's internal team guarantees your satisfaction every step of the way.