Truck Load

Why Choose Can Dor Expedite for Expedited Delivery

There are many companies out there that offer expedited delivery of truck load or other load sizes. So, with all of the options out there why should you choose Can Dor Expedite? Consider these reasons.

  • Experience - We are not new to the world of truck load and other expedited delivery services. We know the business and we know what it takes to get products to their final destination on time and safely.

  • Dedication - Our team is committed to helping you. We don’t rest until your shipment arrives and is checked in and signed for by the recipient. Plus, if you have a problem we will work to solve it--making sure you are 100% satisfied by the results

  • Safety - We don’t cut corners when it comes to safety. All products are carefully packaged and nothing is left to chance. Plus, all of our staff members are uniformed so you know who is delivering your product.

  • Great Customer Service - Customer service matters. Don’t settle for a company that doesn’t put your needs first. Give us a call today and you’ll certainly be impressed by how our experts answer all your questions and handle all your concerns.

  •  High-End Technology - We make sure you are kept up to date with every detail of your transport. We do this by using high-end technology. Check out our services and prepare to be wowed by how we use this technology to make sure you are 100% satisfied by the transportation process.


If you would like more information about truck load and expedited delivery, reach out to us at Candor Expedite. Our team of experts is ready to help grow your business and support your customers with the best possible shipping services. We are committed to making things work for you.